For flooded screw compressors

Petro-Canada's NGS 1000 and NGS 1500 Synthetic Blend Compressor Fluids are a custom-blended combination of hydrotreated (HT) mineral oil and polyalphaolefin (PAO) fortified with corrosion inhibitor, lubricity improve, and antifoam additives. The additive system is compatible with sour (H2S) hydrocarbon gas systems.

  • Protects equipment from corrosion
  • Good low temperature properties minimize wear in cold temperature starts
  • High viscosity index provides a stronger lubricant film over a wide range of temperatures
  • Higher viscosity at operating temperature gives greater volumetric efficiency in rotary screw compressors

  • Compression of the lightest hydrocarbon gases (methane and ethane) where the expected dilution is <10wt%
  • Lubricant/Coolant for process applications and is especially effective in combating corrosion and promoting long life in dry, sour hydrocarbon gas compressors/ gas rotary screw compressors


Plant operations

Gas Plant & Pipeline Lubricants


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