Railway, marine and stationary diesel engine oil

RALUBE™ is designed for severe service locomotive, marine and stationary power generators.

  • Chlorine and Zinc-free chemistry provides improved oxidation resistance, wear protection and deposit control
  • Delivers protection for severe service locomotive, marine and stationary engines



RALUBE 40 CFS is an SAE 40 grade, 13 Base Number premium quality crankcase oil, formulated for severe service in diesel locomotive engines, driving railroad locomotives, marine vessels and electric power generators. RALUBE 40 CFS is suitable for use in Caterpillar 3600 series engines.

OEM Approvals

  • EMD powered units – Suitable for use
  • API CF, CF-2 – Suitable for use
  • Caterpillar 3600 Series – Suitable for use
  • General Electric Generation 4 long life – Suitable for use
  • LMOA 5 at 13 TBN – Suitable for use

Can be used in 2-cycle Detroit Diesel engines, including Series 149 and is tested and proven in CAT 3600 series (RALUBE 40 CFS).


RALUBE HP 20W-40 is an 11 Base Number railway diesel engine oil designed for full compatibility with Tier 4 emissions systems in modern General Electric and EMD (Progress Rail) powered units, and it is fully back serviceable with older model locomotive units operating on low and ultra-low sulphur diesel fuels.

OEM Approvals

  • LMOA Gen 7 – Suitable for use
  • EMD (Progress Rail) Approval – Approval pending
  • GE Approval – Approval pending

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