Meets the highest food industry safety standards

The PURITY FG product family is formulated to provide:

  • Longer life through exceptional thermal stability and oxidation resistance
  • Excellent wear protection
  • High resistance to water washout when it comes to greases
  • Excellent water separability when it comes to oils

Petro-Canada's PURITY FG carries a full set of food grade lubricant and grease credentials including:

  • NSF H1 – for incidental food contact
  • Kosher Pareve and Halal certifications
  • Kosher for Passover and Halal certification
  • PCL products are allergen free

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PURITY FG Product Lines

PURITY™ FG Hydraulic Fluids

Excellent oxidation stability to provide longer oil life and reduce...

PURITY™ FG Gear Fluids

Provide excellent wear protection and long oil life due to outstanding...

PURITY™ FG Compressor Fluids

Provide outstanding resistance to oxidative breakdown.

PURITY™ FG Greases

Complete line of greases formulated to resist water washout, and withstand...

PURITY™ FG Aerosol Spray

Provides a convenient way to lubricate specific areas or hard to reach...

PURITY™ FG Heat Transfer Fluid

Provides great thermal and oxidative stability, which can promote longer...

PURITY™ FG WO White Mineral Oils

Food grade white mineral oil well-suited for the food processing industry.

PURITY™ FG Chain Fluid

For all types of drive and conveyor chains as well as bearings found on...

PURITY™ FG Corrcut-E Fluid

A solution for the lubricating needs to increase blade performance in...

PURITY™ FG Trolley Fluid

For hook and trolley systems, provides excellent wear and rust protection.

PURITY™ FG Seamer-E Fluid

High performance, advanced food grade lubricant specially designed for use...

PURITY™ FG Synthetic Barrier Fluids

Food grade barrier fluids that resist degradation and deposit formation.

Rotary Cooker Fluid

Designed for lubrication of continuous rotary cookers and sterilizers, and...

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