Stokholm Transport A/S
  • Stokholm Transport A/S’s fleet manager, Thomas Stokholm, carries cargo to a growing customer base across Europe. Stokholm is responsible for making sure his fleet of 48 DAF XF105 Euro-5 trucks is in optimal condition – this includes choosing a heavy duty engine oil that performs, protects and helps keep costs down.
  • "Fuel saving was the number one issue for us. It is a huge figure on our account – it's about 40% almost now so it is very, very important that we can save fuel. The range between the oil changes is also, of course, important because we need to keep the trucks out and running on the road."
  • Petro-Canada recommended DURON for the engine and TRAXON products for the gear box and for the rear axle.
  • They decided to change products in all 50 trucks and new trucks coming in which will be the makes of Volvo and Mercedes.

About Stokholm Transport A/S:

Established in 1980, Stokholm Transport A/S has developed from being a sole trader to one of Denmark’s leading businesses, specializing in transport and storage of stage and technical equipment for large pop and rock concert productions and transportation with TV and theatre productions.

“We would recommend Petro-Canada to any fleet operator who has fuel savings and financial economy as a main goal of their company.”

Thomas Stokholm,
Fleet Manager,
Stokholm Transport A/S



The Tougher. The Better.


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