REFLO XL Synthetic Blend

REFLO™ XL Synthetic Blend

Keeps you in business longer with extended fluid life

A synthetic blend refrigeration compressor fluid used in industrial ammonia refrigeration systems.

  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability extends fluid life, helps to reduce maintenance costs and downtime
  • Excellent low temperature performance
  • Excellent antiwear properties and new seal swell
  • Lower oil volatility helps to reduce fluid consumption and maintenance costs
  • Lower solubility in ammonia improves system efficiency and performance
  • Ensures proper lubrication and protection from wear over a wide range of operation temperatures
  • High flash point ensures safe operation at elevated temperatures

REFLO XL Synthetic Blend

OEM Approvals

  • Formulated to lubricate ammonia (R-717) refrigeration compressors used in large commercial operations such as cold stores, marine systems, food processing plants and ice arenas
  • Also used in manufacturing industries that require low temperature control, such as pharmaceuticals and microelectronics


  • Recommended for use for ammonia (R-717) screw compressors


  • Recommended for use for Mycom SCV and J Series

Food industry registration (no food contact allowed)

Registered for use by the following:

  • NSF H2 (Lubricant, no contact)
REFLO product shot

REFLO™: Performance You can Trust


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