PC Compressor Cleaner

PC Compressor Cleaner™

Dissolves varnish and sludge in air compressors

A specially formulated synthetic fluid for cleaning varnish and sludge from compressors while they are operating. Petro-Canada Compressor Cleaner contains oxidation and rust inhibitors, and may be used as a short term compressor lubricant (up to 400 hours). It is fully compatible with mineral oils and most synthetic based fluids. Its high flash point and low toxicity ensures safety in its application.

  • Helps to maximize compressor performance and minimize downtime
  • Ensures peak performance of new fluid
  • Allows safe conversion from one fluid chemistry to another

  • May be used to remove varnish, dirt and oxidized fluid from compressors and compressor lubricating systems
  • Effective when converting from one fluid chemistry to another
  • May be used as a flushing fluid when converting from other lubricants to Petro-Canada’s compressor fluids
  • Highly recommended when converting varnished or dirty compressors

PC Compressor Cleaners