Economical, tacky, “once-through” lubricants for chains

Petro-Canada DURATAC Chain Oils are formulated specifically for lubricating the chains, guide bars, journal bearings and sprockets of modern high-speed chain saws. DURATAC Oils are an economical, tacky, “once through” line of lubricants. They are formulated to reduce dripping and “throw-off” by their adhesive and stringy nature.

In addition, Petro-Canada DURATAC Chain Oils may be used for general machine lubrication where a tacky, non-drip oil is required, or where water wash-off of the lubricant is a problem.

DURATAC Product Lines

DURATAC™ Chain Oil

High quality, tacky lubricant for extended chain saw life.

DURATAC™ Non-Drip Oils

High quality, non-drip, chain oil formulated with a tackiness additive...

Why Choose DURATAC?

Excellent Adherence to Chains

Tacky and stringy nature reduces oil consumption.

Superior Wear Protection

Excellent metal wetting ability which extends chain saw life.

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