Economical, tacky, “once-through” lubricants for chains

Petro-Canada DURATAC Chain Oils are formulated specifically for lubricating the chains, guide bars, journal bearings and sprockets of modern high-speed chain saws. DURATAC Oils are an economical, tacky, “once through” line of lubricants. They are formulated to reduce dripping and “throw-off” by their adhesive and stringy nature.

In addition, Petro-Canada DURATAC Chain Oils may be used for general machine lubrication where a tacky, non-drip oil is required, or where water wash-off of the lubricant is a problem.

DURATAC Product Lines

DURATAC™ Chain Oil

High quality, tacky lubricant for extended chain saw life.

Why Choose DURATAC?

Excellent Adherence to Chains

Tacky and stringy nature reduces oil consumption.

Superior Wear Protection

Excellent metal wetting ability which extends chain saw life.

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