4 Tough Challenges. One DURON.

Future operating conditions will demand even more protection from your engine oil. We are improving Oxidation, Aeration Control and Shear Stability – but we are not stopping there...

This article discusses DURON's key points of differentiation.

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The DURON Next Generation lineup is set to be the most durable, high performance oils we’ve ever made, engineered to meet every challenge including the Cummins ISB test, widely considered one of the toughest engine performance tests in the category.

Our more durable oils promise to deliver durability, strength and efficiency by lowering maintenance costs, extending oil drain intervals, and increasing engine uptime for reliable overall productivity - all without compromising engine protection or performance.



DURON API CK-4 is a significant upgrade in performance compared to DURON API CJ-4
as demonstrated in the Cummins ISB test that means ultimate engine protection.

Improving fuel economy and reducing environmental impact are the main goals that are driving the API category changes.

Petro-Canada Lubricants has a long track record of developing heavy duty engine oils which can improve fuel economy and continue to provide exceptional engine protection no matter the viscosity grade.

To meet the demands of API FA-4, we have developed an advanced new low viscosity 10W-30 that has demonstrated strong passing results under the same performance demands as the higher viscosity engine oils of the API CK-4 engine oil category.

Oils that can lower your fuel costs – that’s what we mean by Beyond Today’s Standards™.


Fuel economy chart

New and retained fuel economy
Even after 50k miles (80.5k kms) on the oil, duron core technology api fa-4 10w-30
delivers up to 1.8% better fuel economy (vs. an sae 15w-40 api cj-4)

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In passing the new category’s toughest engine test program, oxidation, aeration and shear stability tests, DURON Next Generation promises real cost and downtime savings through longer oil drain intervals.*

With improved oxidation control, oils can resist both oxidative viscosity increases excessive deposit formation for longer; This ensures that engines are efficient, protected and durable and therefore able to take greater advantage of fuel economy savings.

The longer your vehicles and equipment can go between oil drains, the better for your operations – and the lower your total lubricant costs. The extended durability of DURON Next Generation means you could stretch drain intervals with no compromise on reliability or engine protection.

Fuel economy chart

* Refer to your engine owner’s manual and utilize oil sample analysis data when exploring whether and how far to extend drains for your operations.

Temperature extremes can be a big challenge for oil performance. Heat can weaken and corrupt ordinary oils and cold can cause havoc by slowing down oil flow in an engine. Petro-Canada Lubricants’ development team are experts in engine oils – and DURON Next Generation delivers performance you can trust in every temperature extreme – even as low as -40˚C/˚F, depending on the chosen viscosity grade.

We have long been testing our engine oils in Canada’s harshest environments and most extreme temperatures. This capability is a result of unique testing far beyond industry standards, which is now delivered in all of the DURON Next Generation formulations. The result is a product line which provides optimum efficiency wherever and however it is being used.

This no compromise approach means that DURON Next Generation customers are ready to face anything and stay on the road at all times.

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The Tougher. The Better.


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