For enhanced protection in wide operating conditions

For use in on-highway automotive equipment, and off-highway vehicles in construction, farming, forestry and mining.

Formulated with synthetic fluids and performance additives for applications over a wider temperature range. The resulting products outperform leading competitive greases by offering longer life at high operating temperatures, better adhesion and excellent load carrying capacity.


Industrial standards

  • NLGI GC-LB standard for wheel bearing and chassis lubrication


  • Delivers excellent cold weather protection with no compromise on high temperature performance (operating range of -40°C/-40°F to 170°C/338°F)
  • Specific applications include centralized systems on heavily loaded mining machinery such as dragline booms, wheel bearings on high performance racing cars, forestry, construction and mining mobile equipment, conveyors and equipment in refrigerated areas, pumpjacks
  • Lubrication of wheel bearings and chassis components on trucks operating in wide extremes of temperature, e.g. near arctic to southern desert


  • Formulated for use in equipment operating in rough severe conditions such as shock loaded mobile equipment used in mining, forestry or construction industries, as well as heavy mining equipment
  • Operating range is -40°C to 170°C (-40°F to 338°F)


  • Designed primarily for the lubrication of truck/trailer wheel-end bearings and leaky gearcases
  • Operating range of -40°C to 170°C (-40°F to 338°F)


  • Designed primarily for the lubrication for dryer felt-roll bearings in paper machines where an extended life at high temperatures is required and frequent grease replenishment is not possible
  • Operating range is -30°C to 170°C (-22°F to 338°F)

OEM Approvals


  • Meets CGE specification 6298 for Class B or F insulation


  • Formulated for long service life and excellent high and low temperature performance (operating range is -40°C/-40°F to 170°C/338°F)
  • Designed to lubricate bearings over a wide temperature range in applications where shock loading is absent and an extreme pressure (EP) grease is not required
  • Applications for use include electric motors where no EP additives are allowed, high speed and anti-friction bearings found on fans, and bearings on electric motors and generators including high temperature units


  • Designed for service in plain as well as rolling element bearings operating at low speeds, heavy loads and high temperatures; conditions encountered in mining, construction and forestry applications
  • Features excellent wear protection, load-carrying and high temperature performance; operating range is - 20°C to 170°C (-4°F to 338°F)
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