PRECISION General Purpose

PRECISION™ General Purpose

For operations requiring general multi-application grease

Good quality, cost-effective, lithium-based extreme pressure greases for wide operating temperature ranges and water resistance

PRECISION General Purpose

OEM Approvals

Caterpillar (formerly Bucyrus International)

  • Caterpillar MPG - Multi Purpose Grease (SD 4711) specification


  • Formulated for use in bearings operating at low to moderate speeds and at medium temperatures
  • Operating range is -20°C to 135°C (-4°F to 275°F).


  • Formulated for centralized greasing systems that lubricate heavily loaded conveyor bearings, mobile mining and forestry equipment, as well as high speed industrial bearings
  • Operating range is -30°C to 135°C (-22°F to 257°F)

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