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Creating Industry-Leading Lubricants

A Pure Advantage

Petro-Canada lubricants, specialty fluids and greases have a pure advantage in quality and performance. We use the HT Purity Process to create 99.9% crystal-clear base oils – some of the purest in the world.

The severe level of hydroprocessing in the HT Purity Process removes the impurities found in many conventional products – impurities that hinder performance.

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Industry-Leading Products

We take advantage of 30+ years’ experience formulating with our exceptional base oils combined with specialty additives to blend optimized products that provide:

  • longer life
  • greater equipment protection
  • smoother performance
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Why Base Oil Matters

Most finished lubricant formulations are composed of over 70% base oils, so base oil selection is critical. The purer the base oil, the better it works with speciality additives, resulting in advanced performance and longer lasting lubricants.

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The HT Purity Process

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