Automatic Transmission Fluids

Automatic/Continuously Variable Transmission Fluids

Our automatic/continuously variable transmission fluids provide:

  • Outstanding thermal and oxidative stability
  • Enhanced wear protection for extended life
  • Excellent low temperature performance

Our CVT fluid also provides excellent anti-shudder and highly stable metal-to-metal friction properties.

Case Study

“DuraDrive MV Synthetic ATF is outstanding across a wide range of transmissions.”

Jens Winkler,
Managing Director and Owner of Automatik-Getriebe-Center

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Our Automatic/CVT Transmission Fluids


The next generation of automatic transmission fluids over former...


Offers true multi-vehicle performance, outstanding wear protection, and...


Delivers long service life for your transmissions.


For use in Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge automatic transmissions.

ATF Type F

For pre-1980 Ford cars.

Heavy Duty Synthetic Blend ATF

Synthetic blend automatic transmission fluid formulated to perform under...

What sets our Automatic Transmission/CVT Fluids apart

Outstanding Thermal Stability

Enhanced Wear Protection

Excellent in Low Temperatures

Exceptional Oxidative Stability

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