Full synthetic, multi-vehicle ATF

Petro-Canada DuraDrive Synthetic ATF formulations offer true multi-vehicle performance, outstanding wear protection and exceptional fluid life.

With fluids targeted at both the high viscosity market and next generation transmissions requiring lower viscosity fluids, our DuraDrive line meets the needs of most of the automatic transmissions in the fleet today.

Case Study

“DuraDrive MV Synthetic ATF is outstanding across a wide range of transmissions.”

Jens Winkler,
Managing Director and Owner of Automatik-Getriebe-Center

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DuraDrive Product Lines

DuraDrive™ MV Synthetic ATF

Full synthetic, high viscosity, multi-vehicle ATF.

DuraDrive™ Low Viscosity MV Synthetic ATF

Full synthetic, low viscosity, multi-vehicle ATF.

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