For today’s natural gas mobile engines

Specifically formulated for the high combustion temperatures in today’s natural gas mobile engines.

You’re saving money on fuel costs with natural gas, now you can get savings for drain intervals.

  • Extended Drains[1]: Extending oil drains up to 1,200 hours can help minimize downtime, maintenance costs and waste to the environment.
  • Reduced Oil Consumption: Low volatility base oils decrease vaporization so less oil is lost, efficiency is improved, and the oil retains more of its fresh oil properties - which reduces oil top-up frequency.
  • Advanced Engine Protection: Ultra pure, consistent quality base oils help minimize engine sludge and deposits, thereby maintaining excellent engine condition. Quality base oils also provide optimized oil ash content to suit engine operating conditions.
  • Better Low Temperature Pumpability: Offers exceptional cold start protection and excellent low temperature pumpability to protect equipment.
  • Better Shear Stability: High Viscosity Index (VI) base oils and a shear stable viscosity modifier help maintain oil viscosity for reduced engine wear and improved engine protection over the life of the oil.
  • Better Resistance to Corrosion: Helps maintain engine performance and efficiency.
  • Better Resistance to Oxidative Thickening: Helps maintain peak fuel economy, enables extended drain intervals and ensures continued low temperature protection.

DURON GEO exceeded the key OEM requirements for Cummins CES 20085 and Detroit Diesel DFS 93K216 - this means it provides best in class shear stability.

DURON GEO is also the only oil to surpass the Detroit Diesel “after shear” requirements.

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