Passenger Car Motor Oils

Passenger Car Motor Oils

Exceed the latest OEM performance credentials

Petro-Canada offers a full line of high quality passenger car motor oils that exceed the latest performance credentials of the major car manufacturers.


UPDATED: GF What? A New Interim Passenger Car Category – API SN Plus


Our Passenger Car Motor Oils


High quality passenger car motor oils that exceed the latest performance...


SUPREME™ Synthetic

Our most advanced motor oils, formulated to protect longer under severe...

ViewSUPREME Synthetic

SUPREME™ Synthetic
Blend XL

Our extra advantage choice for improved fuel economy and fewer top-ups.

ViewSUPREME Synthetic Blend XL

SUPREME™ Synthetic C3

Synthetic high performance passenger car engine oil designed to exceed ACEA C3 performance requirements.

ViewSUPREME C3 Synthetic


Our premium conventional choice for enhanced protection year round.

ViewPetro-Canada SUPREME

PC Synthetic

A synthetic motor oil that is produced with high quality synthetic base...

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